Museworld can provide a variety of music services for your media needs.

Film and Media Scoring

With completion of the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring program, we have experience with the techniques needed to score and synchronize music to film, video, or radio. Most projects follow a pattern of identifying placement of music, approving thematic material, and then assembling the music to fit the timings of the media. We can work closely with your needs as a producer or director by supplying digital versions of the music every step along the way.


Do you need a theme for your podcast presentation? For affordable rates, we can come up with an intro and outro for your podcast to help you place your personal stamp on your own productions.


Are you trying to produce a recording? Museworld has experience in arranging techniques for popular music, including vocal arranging, from several years spent music directing a successful vocal a cappella singing group.

MIDI Development

Do you need a professional-sounding rendering of a midi score? Using such orchestral sounds as Garritan Personal Orchestra and East-West Symphonic library, Museworld can make your desired orchestrations sound realistic.

Classical Performance

Museworld also composes classical music. You can browse our portfolio for sheet music of music for traditional instrumentation, and you can contact us if you are interested in commissioning us for a composition.