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This site will continue to be my scoring business website, during the times that I'm active with that. But, for more information on my actual musical identity, including songwriting, networking, performing, jazz piano and more, please go to the newly launched I've moved my podcast over there, and I also launched a second one. I'll also be blogging there about trying to create my cd. Finally and most importantly, I have a mailing list that you very definitely should subscribe to. :)

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Driving Away (7/20/06)

It is night. It had rained. You're leaving, and it doesn't matter what comes next.

Driving Away

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Phoenix Grace (7/17/06)

The second chance, bestowed to those that don't expect it and don't realize they deserve it.

Phoenix Grace

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A Young Church (7/5/06 #2)

It starts with a gathering. Healthy ideals. A gentle church is formed, and it grows - hopefully not too quickly.

A Young Church

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Ice Cream Bully (7/5/06 #1)

He's seven, and tough. He might take your ice cream. Or maybe he'll make you swallow your bubble gum.

Ice Cream Bully

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Small Town Sunday (7/4/06 #2)

It's Sunday afternoon. That period of time between chapel and dinner, that mental space between doing chores and doing nothing. A town's memories are created.

Small Town Sunday

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An Elusive Sweetness (7/4/06 #1)

It's the slightly sweeter life - the poetry of stillness and destination from the slightly different path.

An Elusive Sweetness

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Rundown Playground (7/2/06 #4)

It used to be a nice playground. But the teeter totter's rusty. The swings have broken chains. There's probably broken glass somewhere.

Rundown Playground

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Camel Boogie (7/2/06 #3)

Despite popular belief, camels have been known to shimmy. It is a rare occurrence because camels are apt to conserve their energy. But with enough of a water source, they'll shimmy, stoop, and strut. They're better than you might think, although not by a lot.

Camel Boogie

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The Forbidden Belfry (7/2/06 #2)

A bunch of kids got into that belfry tower by that abandoned church over by the cemetery yard. They don't know what they're getting into.

The Forbidden Belfry

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